Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The END OF DAYS predictions for 2017 are already starting to come in hot now that the elections are almost upon us. So far, the 2016 predictions are looking fairly interesting. While World War 3 fears have become common due to saber rattling by China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia, some people are combining the 2016 Nostradamus predictions with Bible prophecies related to Jesus and the Antichrist’s end times. Throw a giant asteroid into the WW III mix, and these 2016 conspiracy theories are certain to be a blast.

In a New related report by the Reporter, the U.S. military is preparing their WMD bio-weapon defense teams for 2017 for a potential end of the world threat, but early efforts in the training eerily resemble the fiction related to a zombie apocalypse virus.

The last two years have not been good to end of the world predictions. There were multiple 2015 asteroid impacts that proved to be untrue, some tried to claim the Mayan calendar actually ended in May of 2015. End times predictions have always been a tricky subject since Jesus said, “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Regardless, many Christians have attempted to use other prophecies in order to guess the time frame in which the Antichrist may usher in the end of the world.

If the apocalypse is around the corner, then some of the more well-known, modern figures in Christianity may have something to say. Pat Robertson has famously claimed that he believes an asteroid will impact the Earth in March, but he hasn’t specified an exact date. Perhaps the most famous evangelist of them all, Billy Graham, just states there is “great confusion, related to Christian end times theology. The more I listen to the news of what is going on in the world, and in the church, there is great confusion about the end times,” he said, according to Christian News. “Some people wonder how to get to heaven and others don’t seem to care if they wind up in hell. God has a lot to say about this, and He has not kept His promises hidden..."

What does this mean to you? Do you believe we are fast approaching an Apoplectic future here on earth?


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