Friday, September 30, 2016


A Day is coming when the world will be caught in a deceptive snare. The world is ripe and ready to fall for the greatest lie the world has ever known. Will you be able to see through Satan’s satanic end of days deception as he tries to create his New World Order?

Is the current emphasis on UFOs and aliens (extraterrestrial beings a smokescreen for Satan’s activities? Since Satan has made himself the enemy of God, he tries to lead people into deception by directing their attention to things that are not of God, in order capture their interest, to enthrall them, and ultimately to ensnare them. It’s a design to lead people astray. His ultimate purpose is to blind people to the gospel of Jesus Christ by capturing their minds with a New Age philosophy that incorporates a belief in UFOs, aliens, the paranormal and so on. As a result, evolution and interplanetary migration are a “given,” and mankind looks to a technological savior rather than to God.

If you don’t already believe in UFOs, this might not be the place to start. The event reminded me of trying to climb into an M. C. Escher painting. Once you’re climbing up the never-ending dream stairs, you can keep going in a circular movement forever. We know about Roswell because we know about the Majestic 12 because we know about the alien harvest of animal organs from our national parks. We don’t know what was in the crashed spaceships because what was in the crashed spaceships would change the whole world order, which is how we know what was in the spaceships, because they would tell us what was in the spaceships if what was in the spaceships didn’t change the whole world order, so we don’t know what was in the spaceships, and so on. The stairs go around and around and around.

What better way for the powers of darkness to reveal themselves than as the technological saviors of mankind. The world of the occult openly embraces UFOs and alien extra-terrestrials. The occult will always proclaim these beings as benevolent. The alien contacts always speak of things that contradict the Bible. The consistent theology of the extraterrestrial is Antichrist; the consistent message of the aliens is hostile to Christianity. The high tech extraterrestrials are demons. This is the only consistent, scientific, and biblically sound explanation.
After watching this video, do you believe in aliens? Are they demonic creatures come to deceive mankind or are they Satan's minions making contact to distract people from the truth?


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